• Multi-talented, Well rounded with a diverse skill set and multi faceted experiences.  

  • Multi-task oriented with the ability to juggle more than one task effectively.   Often having more than two jobs at a time.

  • Well rounded with diverse experiences, abilities and talents. 

  • Supervised, directed, and lead several groups composed of a variety of different age groups. 

  • Dependable, punctual, responsible and organized. 

  • Supportive team worker with the ability to work with others or independently to meet deadlines. 

  • Effective and creative organizational, administration, and marketing skills both in business and non-profit organizations. 

  • Excellent computer skills with experience both teaching and working with Microsoft Office (Word, Publisher, Power Point, Excel, Access, Outlook and Front Page), Photoshop, and Page Maker including some graphic design, desk top publishing, simple programming of Excel and Access, QuickBooks and QuickBooks Pro as well as prefessional online accounting software. 

  • Excellent communications skills including letter, report and newsletter writing as well as web page development and email correspondence.  


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Hospitality, Visual Arts, Design, Events and Entertianment

  • ​I have been creating and making things all my life.   Enjoy working with a variety of mediums including wood, metal, paper mache, paint, styrofoam, and discarded items.  Enjoy creating holiday decorations,  furniture, home decor, sets for plays and much more 

  • 26 years floral design - have created unique original and tasteful designs for weddings, birthdays, get well, sympathy, and other occasions.

  • 20+ years as a comprehensive event planner planning weddings, fesitivals, memorial services, special programs, worship services,  concerts, fundraisers (including radio share - a - thons), parties, reunions, etc. 

  • 3 Years visual merchadising for three large retail chains.


1.  I have been teaching something since I was in High School.  Started by teaching children's church and Bible School  

2.  I have worked with many different age groups from Kindergarten through senior adults.

3.   Have taught numerous subjects in both private and public school settings including:

  • Middle School and Secondary Math (algebra, geometry)

  • Middle School and Secondary English/Language arts and literature

  • Middle School and Secondary Science (Earth, Biology, Chemistry)

  • Elementary and Middle School Keyboarding and Computer science (Microsoft Office Suite, Computer History, Computer Operations, How a computer works and more)

  • Elementary Self Contained Special needs (all subjects 1st through 8th grade)

  • Elementary, Middle and Secondary Music

  • Secondary Sports Medicine and Health Science

  • Spanish

  • Middle school and Secondary Bible

  • Sunday School, Bible School and Bible Studies for all ages

  • Music classes for adults 

  • Marketing and Sales classes and techniques in the corporate setting.

 Small business Owner, Retail Manager, Customer Service Agent

  • 8 years experience as owner of a brick and motor store that sold floral arrangements, balloon bouquets, gift baskets and other gift type items. 

  • 26 Years owning a floral design business and studio with 98% of Customers satisfied.  

  • 8 years retail experience in three different large box chain stores.   Including customer service manager, lay-a-way manager, special events manager, visual merchandiser, customer service desk, announcer, cashier, truck un-loader, module/display reset and sales associate for various part of the store including home and garden.

Marketing and Sales

  • 1 year in insurance sales - selling health, life and annuities.  

  • 4 years as regional marketing and sales director for a large cooperation.  Taking one group from last in the company in sales to the first.  Editor and chief of the monthly magazine sent to customers.  Worked with outside organizations such as Nielsen Ratings, media outlets, and contractors.  Designed marketing materials, proofread and approved marketing materials.  Kept organization informed of the companies marketing strategies.  Trained staff on new sales programs.  Worked with customer complaints to resolve issues with billing and installed services.  

  • Experience marketing at trade shows and creating eye catching booths.  


  • I have served in 5 different Churches and a radio/tv broadcast minsitry

  • Taught Sunday School

  • Youth minister - served in two churches.  Started and organized one churches youth ministry.  Planned camps, retreats, activities etc.  

  • Worship leader/music minister - worked with people of all ages and in various skill levels.  Wrote, planned, produced and directed special worship events and programs including Easter and Christmas specials.  

  • Associate pastor - worked very closely with the senior pastor.  Filled in when and where necessary.  Visited shut-in and the sick, preached.

  • Senior pastor - started the church from nothing.  WIth-in a year had about 15 people on a regular basis.  Prepared, practiced and gave a sermon each week.  Counseled people as needed.  Organized church and founding documents.

  • Radio and TV broadcast ministry - directed the day to day to operations of the ministry.  Formulated budgets, planned camps and retreats, coordinated and recruited volunteers.  made sure the TV show was produced according to standards and was delivered on time to local stations, fund raised for the organization.  

Non-Profit Administration

  • 2 years as a director of operations for a large media non-profit producing religious programming for both radio and TV programming for regional and national syndication.   Some of my responsibilities included Organized office, hired staff, created budgets, acting a camp director,    Left organization with a stable and firm financial foundation bringing if back from near bankruptcy.

  • 5 years Experience as administravtive board member for a local Fire Department.  2 years as President.  Reorganizing the department, getting it on firm fianancial footing, trippling volunteer staff, creating 5, 10, 15, and 20 year plans.  Formulating yearly budgets, etc.  


  • 2 years coaching High School  Girls Softball, volleyball and basketball i

  • 1 years experience coaching elementary girls basketball for local recreation league.  

Other Stuff

  • Former First Aid, CPR, Professional Rescuer and safety instructor.  

  • Former Red Cross Volunteer

  • Former volunteer educator and prevention specialist for South Carolina Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission

  • Currently Professional Crisis Management Certified