Good bye 2020 and Good Riddance! Hello 2021!

A little over a week ago, we said goodbye to a very trying and need I say very different year. It certainly was a challenging year to say the least. We struggled and went through things none of us eve thought we would. I remember sitting at a high school robotics competition and hearing about COVID but not realizing the affect it would have on us. I never dreamed businesses would be forced to close. Social distancing seemed like a strange and foreign term then. Now, it is just part of everyday life. We had seen masks being worn in public in Asian countries for years but not here in the US. Who knew that would soon be commonplace in the USA? Yet in 2020, it was. Vacations became staycations. Sport seasons changed as well. None of could have imagined what would happen. I don’t think any of us knew how much our lives would change when 2020 rolled around. We saw huge changes in our everyday lives. Many of us found ourselves working from home. If the pandemic wasn’t enough, we saw a tumultuous election no matter which candidate you supported. It took days to declare a winner of the presidential election and then a senate run off in GA.

Yes, 2020 was a very different year, but with all the bad things and changes it brought, there were some good moments, some proud moments and some traditional moments. Two of the highlights for me was watching my nephew mark a huge milestone as he graduated from high school and my niece marked her own milestone as she moved from middle school to high school. To say I am a very proud uncle is an understatement. They are becoming awesome young people and they will definitely leave their mark on the world. I think we also we finally figured out what true heroes are in 2020. They often wear scrubs and other uniforms. We came together in ways we haven’t before, even though we had to stay apart.


The nephew in his cap and gown.

The nephew and niece

Photos curtesy of Angie Tumblin Hardy


This past year, like many around the world, I spent a lot of time at home! I didn’t use to be a home body and in my younger years it would have absolutely driven me crazy. Back then, I tried to never be at home. Now, home is where I like to be most of the time. Don’t get me wrong, I still like to get out and explore and do things. I guess that side will always be a part of me. As much as I like being at home, when it was first announced we would have to stay home, I was not happy about it. Being at home and being forced to be at home are two entirely different things. Suddenly I wanted to be out and about. I wanted to connect with people I care about and be out doing things. When reality finally set in and I accepted this was going to be a long process, I started some projects. I planted a larger than normal garden. I did some cleaning out. I mowed a lot of grass. I also used some of my time at home as a time of reflection and planning. I used the time to make some definite plans for the future. So, as we transition to a new year, I am taking the opportunity to put some of that planning into practice. This blog is one of the things I planned to do. I have always wanted to start a blog but just felt like it was never the right time, or it seemed there was always too much to do and during 2020, there just didn’t seem to be anything great to write about. I didn’t think anyone wanted to hear about me sleeping till noon or that I mowed the lawn for the third time this week. I certainly didn’t want to write about current events. So, I put it off. But now seems to be the right time. Things seem to be slowly getting back to normal and hopefully this spring I will be able to do some exploring and work on some projects I hope to share with you. Basically, I want this blog to highlight what I am up to. Not that I am some sort of trend setter, influencer or A list celebrity. In the scheme of things, most people don’t have a clue who I am. But, still, it is something I can do and it strikes another thing off the old bucket list. But I don’t want to write a blog just to write a blog. I hope it will be informational as well as fun. I also hope it will be something you will come back to on a weekly basis. If nothing else just to see what kind of mess I made or maybe what crazy stuff has happened to me. You may even learn something. I am sure I will. Not many days go by that I don’t. I am a lifelong learner and I enjoy sharing what I have learned – good and bad.

With a new year comes new opportunities; new moments to explore this area, new chances to share my faith, new opportunities help others and so on. I look forward to being creative in this new year; to making great memories with my family and yes even facing the challenges that 2021 may bring; although, I hope nothing like 2020. So, I hope you will check back here often to see what I have been up to as I share my life with you. Here’s to a great year! Happy 2021! Let's get out there and make things happen this year.

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